Sunday, June 12, 2011

Soft drinks & acid

Bronwyn Webb wrote to me and said: "I didn’t realise that diet soft drink was bad for my teeth – I always assumed it was the sugar doing the damage and never thought about the acidity".

It's not just you Bronwyn, virtually everyone thinks that the sugar in the soft drink is what is responsible for any tooth problems. Carbohydrate food particles (eg bread, chips and even apple) that lodge between teeth and remain for some time can be eaten by bacteria in the mouth. While munching on the carbohydrate, the bacteria produce an acid that erodes enamel leading to tooth decay.

Drinks containing sugar don’t stay long enough in the mouth for the sugars to be consumed by bacteria. Excessive fruit juice, energy drinks, soft drinks and sports drinks can all cause enamel erosion through acids such as citric acid. Diet soft drink is as acidic as regular soft drink.

So, don't let those kind of drinks wash around inside the mouth. Drinking through a straw can minimise tooth contact with acidic drinks.

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