Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Queensland netball

In the last newsletter I mentioned that Queensland Netball had banned oranges for fear that the natural citric acid in oranges could harm teeth. I suggested that we should encourage the drinking of water as it both hydrated players and washed the acid away from teeth.

Sally Anderson, a Queenslander, said: “Please come back to Queensland, I would appreciate another voice supporting the “oranges are a-okay” campaign. Alternatively, you might like to join me in from afar in the “some-day-common-sense-will-prevail” campaign!

She said she had a friend who said: “"If you are hungry, eat an orange. If you are thirsty, eat an orange. If you are hungry & thirsty...eat an orange". I just knew there was some common sense in Queensland.

Sweta from the US could also see the absurdity of it all and hoped it wouldn’t become an international trend, as many people see Australia at the forefront of sports nutrition.

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