Monday, April 27, 2009

Low Carb Beers

The low carbohydrate beer has been around for a long time and rises in popularity when the low carb diets take off, which they seem to do about once a decade. I’ve ear-marked the next “lets fret about carbs again” diet best seller for 2014. A can of regular beer has around 10-15g carbohdrate and 600 kJ (145 Cals). The low carb version has 3-5g carbohydrate per can and 470 kJ (110 kJ), which is about the same kilojoule content as a 3% alcohol light beer.

Let’s make this clear (and it has been a fact since 4000 BC, or even earlier), carbohydrate doesn’t make you fat; excess kilojoules make you fat. It doesn’t matter whether the excess kilojoules come from protein, carbohydrate, fat or alcohol, they will all end up as buttock baggage. In reality, it is most likely that any excess kJs will come from fat and/or alcohol (not carbohydrate, unless someone drinks 2L of soft drink a day).

So, if you are concerned about your waist circumference and health, then it makes better sense to choose lower alcohol beers. If you are having just one beer, let’s say, for healthy bones, then have whatever you like. Then again, if you choose your beer on image alone, base your choice on your favourite beer ad.

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