Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Kefir 2: made using grains and water

Alberto Gómez from Buenos Aires asked about kefir. He very politely pointed out that I had misunderstood his question about using kefir as a sports drink. So he wrote:

“When I mentioned that kefir could be used as an isotonic drink, I was referring to the kefir prepared with water, not milk. The way to prepare it is to have three spoons of kefir grains, a litre of filtered water, three spoons of brown sugar, a lemon split in halves and three dried plums or dates. You put all of them in a glass container leaving enough air on it and they cultivate in 1-3 days. I do it in two days.

Every day you have to stir the mix. After the time is over, you filter the mix, reuse the kefir grains which amount has increased (separate a portion and use the right proportion, the unused grains could be kept in the fridge for several days keeping them in water with sugar), squeeze the lemon and if you want some fizz just leave the juice in a tight recipient for few hours, put it on the fridge and...voilá!!! you have the isotonic beverage.”

One additional comment from Alberto: “Kefir grains for milk and water are not the same, they share same origin but are different. Advantage of kefir prepared with water is that there are no limits for consumption, the one prepared with milk is heavier and should be consumed with moderation.”

Let me add that I’m still using my milk-based kefir on my cereal in the morning. Adds a pleasant tart sweetness to the start of my day. Thanks again Alberto.

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