Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Sage advice from the past

My favourite wellness thinker, Don Ardell, alerted me to a book with some dietary advice. Here is a quote:

"Another argument, and to my mind also a conclusive one, in favour of vegetarianism, is the true theory of population. If ever the earth becomes very densely inhabited with human beings, a great number of such animals as are raised for food can not possibly coexist. And as ten times the number of “rational creatures” can be sustained on the direct productions of the earth, that could subsist indirectly on the flesh of animals, the presumption is at least very strong at the races of domesticated animals will become extinct as the races of man progress."

As you have guessed, it wasn’t written recently. This is from the Hydropathic Cookbook published in 1854. (Click on the right hand arrow to scroll through the pages). His sentiment is proclaimed by many: less animal food, more plant food. The author RT Trall concludes his preface with the comment:

"I trust the time is not too far distant when the foundation for a better development of the human race will be established, in “teaching the young idea how to eat’” so as to secure uniform health, and realize the first and essential condition of universal happiness – “sound minds in healthy bodies.”

Well, we’ve been doing the teaching. It is not a young idea any more. The message is being transmitted but only a few have their tuners on the correct frequency. Maybe in another 150 years.

Trall RT, MD. Hydropathic Cookbook with Recipes for Cooking on Hygienic Principles  1854; Fowlers & Wells, New York

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