Wednesday, June 23, 2010

World champion soft drink guzzlers

A food magazine recently listed the soft drink consumption by continent or region. Australasia consumed 19 litres per capita while America consumed 161 litres per capita. (Yep, eight time as much). Now, those figures are misleading because Australasia probably includes small Pacific islands and America would include Chile and Bolivia, countries likely to have a lower consumption of soft drink than Australians or US citizens.

I did find a website that listed 18 countries by soft drink consumption []. As expected the winner was the US with 216 litres per capita. Wow, that’s every kid and adult drinking over 1.5 cans (or 600 mLs – 1 pint) every day of the year.

Australia was #6 with 100 litres, UK #7 with 97 litres, the Kiwis are #9 with 84 litres and Japan is #18 with 22 litres. I suspect this only includes countries that keep statistics and is not the “top 18” soft drink guzzlers on the planet.

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